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Smart headphones that learn from you; Play your favourite music, directly from streaming music services.


Evolving headphones

At Audiowings, we're passionate about creating tools to help increase the impact great music has on our lives. That's why we've created The Shell. The Shell is wirelessly powered directly by streaming music providers. It uses embedded sensors to learn how you feel,when you listen to your favourite music, to make smarter recommendations, for what you listen to next..

Effortless intuition

Put them on, the music starts. Take them off, the music stops. Control what you hear, using a patented interface, giving you access to over 30 Million tracks instantly. And the more you listen, the more it learns, ready to play you more of what you want to hear.


Built to Perform

Lovingly crafted by a multi-disciplined team of music fans, with experience of working for some of the worlds most innovative companies, including Nokia, Telefonica, Google, DunnHumby and Rolls Royce.

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It's your favourite music.


Straight in your ears. With nothing in the way.

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"A fantastic product with lots of potential"

Sir Richard Branson